The Farm

Le Mouvement de l'Agriculture Bio-Dynamique, Demeter France Situated in the Plantaurel Mountains, with its natural meadows and woodland, the domain offers shelter to a rich and varied fauna and flora. This farm of a 100 ha is worked biodynamicaly since our arrival in 1984.

The Heard

Une vache Limousine Our heard of limousine cows is composed of 26 mother cows, their calves and the bull. In the summer the cows graze. In the winter they are fed hay from our meadows. We complete their diet with pumpkins, fodder beets, carrots, apples, stinging nettles, linseed and bran. The fattening up is done only with hay, barley and sunflower cake. With plants and homeopathy we look after our heard.

The Domain

L'├ętable: une stabulation libre, la r├ęsidence bovine en hiver The biodynamic preparations help us to transform the precious dung, straw, eggshells and basalt into compost that is finely spread on the land to stimulate live and fertility. Our bees take care of the fertilization of the cultures and fruit trees. The Wijnen family proposes the excellent meat issued from the domain, sold directly in cartons of 6 kg, vacuum packed.