Groupe Accommodation Barané

Situated at 8 km of Le Mas d'Azil, in the Pyrenees, a place known for its prehistoric cave (biggest of Europe), the groupe accommodation Barane can lodge 29 to 35 people. This large building is without close neighbours and situated on a domain worked biodynamically, in the midst of the well preserved nature of the Regional Natural Park of the Ariège. The big common spaces are particularly well adapted to activities such as: family reunions, gatherings of friends, birthday and wedding parties, conferences, seminaries...

The Gîte

Photo du Gite Gîte de groupe Barané The building is beautifully situated and integrated in the surrounding nature. It offers quality accommodation to groups, 29 to 35 sleeping places.

History of Barané

Photo du Batiment a notre arrivee en 1983 Built 400 years ago, at a time when all the work of the land was done manually, Barané had space under its roof for all the animals of the farm: cows, oxen, horses, pigs, sheep; geese, chickens as well as all the food for the winter. Only a small part was reserved to the farmers.

Car Park

You dispose of a large private and free car park, 15-20 places.